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“It gave us a real insight into how engaged and happy our people are and clear areas for development.”

- Emma Long, Operative officer at Dwell

Customers We Have Helped:

“We were delighted at how quick and easy the survey was to set up, manage and get immediate results. It gave us a real insight into how engaged and happy our people are and clear areas for development. We’ve recently finished our second survey and are looking forward to seeing continued improvement in our workplace happiness and engagement levels.”
Emma LongChief Operating Officer, Dwell
‘’The Engaging Business Workplace Happiness Survey… has proved invaluable in allowing our people to tell us what really matters to them and enabling us to measure our progress. The ability for individuals to get personal feedback immediately is unique and a real bonus. The support provided by our consultant was fantastic.”
Sandra KnowlesPeople & Culture Director, BITC
“We’ve been so impressed at how the survey has given us clear development areas and advice on how to improve them. We can already see the benefits after just two surveys. Our account manager is always quick to respond to any queries and has really helped us launch and land the survey with our employees.”
Will OakleyGeneral Manager, Cobblers Cove
“The Engaging Business survey helped our team to identify key development areas to improve their happiness at work and also focused on wellbeing – something that is central to Candy Kittens ethos. This survey is a must for any business who takes the wellbeing and happiness of their employees seriously.”
Ed WilliamsFounder, Candy Kittens

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