Communicate With Employees Using Our Apps. Connect With Potential Customers And Likeminded Individuals

Effective Communication
Effective communication between employees in an organisation is crucial in ensuring that information is accurately shared.
Empower Individuals
If individuals are empowered and participate, this will drive engagement and therefore productivity and profits.
Avoid Bad Communication
Bad communication can result in poor, ill-informed decisions, resulting in lower or no productivity and profit. Request a demo to help improve communication and understanding in your organisation.

Communication Apps

Our app offering to help improve communication in your company
Business Messenger AppCommunicate, connect and collaborate with your work peers.
Learn more: Business Messenger
Listen AppAn enterprise platform for organisations to get 24/7 feedback from employees.
Learn more: Listen
Conference Meeting AppImprove communication before, during and after conferences.
Learn more: Conference App

Business Messenger App

Communicate, connect and collaborate with your work peers
Instant MessagingSend and receive messages instantly, set up project groups, create and send out tailored notification alerts to groups.
Company HubUse the private company hub to share posts, lectures, tutorials, videos and ask or share expert advice.
Video & Conference CallingKeep in contact wherever you are with unlimited video and phone conference calling. Available in more than 100 countries.
Resources & LibraryAdd company information, contact numbers and emails, documents and more. Access your own Business Library.
CustomisableWe can customise your messenger app to suit your needs, including company branding.
Organise & ManageOrganise contacts - add, edit or delete. Round the clock technical support.

Listen App - 24/7 Feedback

Our Listen App is an enterprise platform for organisations to get 24/7 comment feedback from their people. Employees record their feedback, which is then sent to a moderator
24/7 FeedbackOrganisations get 24/7 comment feedback from their people.
Company BrandedThe app is branded and shaped to your requirements.
Voice or TypingEmployees can record or type feedback into our nifty app (optional to moderate).
AnonymousFeedback can be anonymous or named, depending on your needs.
Question & ResponseManagement can ask questions and get replies.
ReportsReceive regular reports on feedback themes.

Conference Meeting App

A fully customisable app to suit the needs of your organisation. Improve communication before, during and after conferences
Fully customisableFully customisable conference, events and meeting app designed for your needs.
SecureTailored hosting with a secure and encrypted messaging service.
Conference needsCreate a bespoke conference meeting app to suit your organisations needs.
Project groupsCreate and communicate between members of project groups, as well as share files, images and more.
Direct message delegatesCommunicate with delegates via messenger.
Video & conference callingKeep in contact wherever you are with unlimited video and phone conference calling.

Join The Engaging Business Network

Network With Business Leaders
Join our Engaging Business Network to discover and share ideas to improve the engagement, happiness, well-being and success of your organisation. All for just £500 + VAT per year.
  • Post unlimited jobs on the Engaging Works Jobs Board and get matched with candidates
  • Get exclusive access to our members’ portal - connect, share and network with other members
  • Receive our engagement research packs for free (usually £50 per pack)
  • Two tickets to our annual Workplace Happiness Summit
  • Two tickets to our annual Autumn lecture
  • Receive 20% off everything in the Engaging Works Business Library
  • Promote your business through a dedicated information page - Coming Soon
  • Receive notifications for ‘Ask an Expert’ questions in your areas of expertise
  • Create business events that will be advertised on the Engaging Works Global Hub
  • Receive a monthly newsletter with our industry insights
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Our Network Members Include:
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Create And Publicise Events
For £8.99 + VAT a month, create, post and publicise unlimited events to thousands of users on Engaging Works via our social feed, the Global Hub.
  • Promoting a conference, training or other business event? Send event notifications to our database of interested individuals when you post business events on the Engaging Works Global Hub
  • Post unlimited events for free when you sign up to the Engaging Business Network

Lead Generation

Connect With People Who Need Your Services
For £8.99 a month, receive notifications and connect with our tens of thousands of Engaging Works users (our platform for individuals) asking for expertise in your field via the social feed Global Hub.
Promote You And Your Organisations’ Services
Join the Engaging Business Network to get access to these great features:
  • Let job-seekers know how great it is to work for your organisation by uploading copy, images, videos, employee reviews and your company Workplace Happiness Award (optional) to your dedicated profile page - Coming Soon
  • Coaches have their profiles listed in a directory on the career developer page - Coming Soon

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