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Measure, track and improve workplace happiness and engagement over time. Try our FREE Workplace Happiness Survey for individuals.
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New Starter, Exit and Intern Surveys, and more
Easily set up New Starter, Exit, On-boarding and Intern surveys with expert guidance.
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Create customised surveys to address the unique needs and challenges of your organisation.
  • Add/remove questions, branding, filters and groups for unique insights

Working from Home Survey

Our Survey For Remote And Home Workers

More and more employees are working from home and that only looks likely to increase further given recent events.

For many organisations this may be the first time employees have been asked to work remotely so it’s important to get it right for them and your organisation.

  • Many home workers may find the isolation, and lack of information and development more challenging to adapt to
  • It can be challenging to ensure that staff morale remains high and everyone feels part of the team
  • We have tailored our Workplace Happiness Survey to help you monitor, measure and respond accordingly to your home workers needs

View and Analyse Results

Workplace Happiness Results
Analyse and compare scores for sections of your organisation and receive action plans for development. Create a free account to see the demo dashboard.
  • Identify and improve where your organisation can build greater workplace engagement
  • Instantaneous results
  • Comparative data for your industry and country
  • Employees receive personal feedback about their own happiness score and key development areas with action plans to improve
  • Action planning is provided for managers
  • Breakdown your results by multiple demographics and business units

Training, Consultancy & Speakers

We offer a number of training packages to help educate your staff
Employee Engagement Consultancy
Our Engagement Consultants have over 300 years HR experience and can advise on improving employe engagement and workplace happiness within your organisation
We have a number of speakers who can talk to your organisation about how to build an engaged business with practical steps and examples based on the Six Steps to Workplace Happiness

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